Since 1997, Universo Eirín has been dedicated to interior design and architecture for home, hotels and the intervention of public spaces.

In Universo Eirín we plan urban geography. We create new models of cities making them more livable, so man and nature can live in harmony together.


The sculpture is inspired by the air, the main element of life. The work is a shock and a critique of the society in which we live where we lack precisely the element on which it is inspired: Air. Being hollow and made in marrow, the air enters and leaves without restrictions or obstacles.

El grito despierto

High ephemeral installation of thirteen meters that draws the silhouette of a person and represents the mass of people. A call to the table that has stopped listening to her interior, dancing to music that does not leave her heart. He shouts to society what is necessary and essential that is the world of creation, appealing to the awakening of it to compensate for the implacable destruction.

Mirando al futuro

A walk where the visitor breathes, smells and feels the change that will occur in this city for the future. We will create a dynamic and artistic revolution through gigantic fluorescent colored curtains to make way for this fluorine and steel catwalk, both in floors, walls and ceiling.


Conceptual design created from its embryonic phase. It consists of an artistic installation that comes out, that breaks, that crosses and is born in the ceiling. Its roots surround the whole space with its life, its shadow, its root … The differentiating element of this root is its history, with its trajectory, experience and love for its work translating into dreamlike flowers that emerge in its extremities. If desired, the installation will be taken to the main front of the restaurant. Waving, savoring, deluding, creating … they are elegantly and subtly forming the work.


The sculptures represent the figures of a man and a woman who are linked, but at the same time they are independent beings, who only touch by two points.


The strength of a look. Two faces, one facing the other, represent a couple that looks at each other. Straight lines, a sheet of iron cut and bent form the face of the protagonists. Let’s look at each other.


The sculpture arises from the principle of origami, from the forms that arise from the fold of a leaf. Aracnidi is a spider that moves. his body and legs rise and fall, iron with rusty effect in movement.

Buscando el aire

The alveoli are again the source of inspiration, but now the sculptures come alive and bend looking for the air. Its a necessity to continue breathing pure air.


The sculpture is inspired by the subtle blood vessels of the alveoli, in our lungs. it is there where the blood rich in oxygen circulates and therefore, life, the air.

Aquí llueven artistas

We convert CADE building space into an art gallery giving it a spin, providing added value by introducing art exhibitions inside as outside. The intervention focused on the facade of the building and on the egg from the interior patio, taking advantage of the light and the location of the building.


Being in a magical world as is the contemporary art that transports us to each step of our conscience, it urges us to introspection, to be conscious in a space surrounded by giant screens, a space in which to take off to enter and feel the feet in the sand and transport to another space, sitting on the special pieces designed by Mercedes Eirín.