Since 1997, Universo Eirín has been dedicated to interior design and architecture for home, hotels and the intervention of public spaces.

Each work, personalized and tailored, starts from a concept and is carried out by studying every detail: distribution plans, technicians and installation in situ.

Hotel in Aracena, Huelva

The Essentia hotel breathes in all the content of the project the essential and the natural. The effervescence of inspirations was stimulated by the slope of the land, nature and vegetation, light and especially the pure air of the mountains. In the same way that the four elements are present. Water: in the river. Earth: soil and walls made with natural pigments. Fire: at the entrance and in the back garden. Air: In the main sculpture. Thus the general concept is the essence of life and then invade each room with a particular concept.

Aim to elevate the stay of the guest to a unique experience, who finds in each corner natural elements, sculptures, works of art and a unique furniture signed by Mercedes Eirín. In each corner a careful design is perceived to create a scenographic space. Through the design of each room and the combination of elements of nature, a unique atmosphere has been achieved.

Hotel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Conceptual design created from its embryonic phase. It consists of an artistic installation that comes out, that breaks, that crosses and is born in the ceiling. Its roots surround the whole space with its life, its shadow, its root … The differentiating element of this root is having been born in Moorea, with its history, with its trajectory, experience and love for its work translating into dreamlike flowers that arise in her extremities.

Hotel in Mexico

As soon as you stop in front of the lobby you can see that something happens inside … and welcomes you in its shadow. Its sculptural cover. When you enter you can feel how the time stops, you are transported to a dream world of freshness, of white jungle where rivers, seas, lagoons, births, characters that light your way come together, furniture that seems to be walking, talking, showing their part interior without fear, that are transformed by touching them, that you can play with them … everything changes, everything is transformed … We want you to be part of the stage.

Restaurant in Baeza, Jaén

Small jewel with a history and with the Andalusian flavor of the XVIII century that is presented as a source of inspiration in which to drink; transforming that water into drops of a new century and creating a new emotion in the guests and other visitors who come to enjoy the haven of peace that their courtyards exude. This new inspiration adds freshness, introducing the vegetation in unexpected corners, creating a new dialogue between interior and exterior spaces and taking it to the restaurant.

Restaurant in Aracena, Huelva

We give a French-style tone reminiscent of French bistrós using aged cornices for tables, aged mirrors, classic French tools, typical colors and capitoné.

Restaurant in Aracena, Huelva 2

Through the smell, taste and eating of wine we were inspired by looking for tradition in its walls, ceilings and furniture of the last century, mixing it with touches of color to place contemporary exhibition work.

1926 House

In this manor house of Anibal González we respect and bring to light all the past, leaving views of the beauty of ceilings and tiles. We recovered doors and windows, making an interior design with Arabic reminiscences, furniture and antiquarian objects.

XV century House

Popular house of the XV century with central yard and gallery, recovered and treated with the care and detail it deserves, bringing to light its old walls and beams, lintels and some pieces of archeology. For this purpose, an interior design inspired by white painted houses was used, except for the main gallery. We use fluorine green to give light and importance to that area, highlighting the large industrial windows in the central courtyard next to the stairs, thus giving a perfect mix. We use vintage and industrial furniture and pieces of contemporary art.

Attic in the center

This apartment is intended for tourist purposes. We extend the rooms through the large terrace, we introduce light through glass, we reuse furniture transforming them into works of art, we place shower and relaxation area for tourist attraction in the solarium and we convert stairs and walls with color and reused materials.