Furniture + Art + Industrial Design = products by Universo Eirín


We design and produce our products in a traditional way and are loyal to aesthetic connotations; this is the signature of brand Eirín. Inspiration starts from a concept and ends up being reflected in the creation of an object with full creative freedom. The materials we use are both reused and reusable, either industrially or as investigation materials, which leads to unique and exclusive products.
Our furniture is a meeting point between art and utility, designs that do not renounce powerful and inspiring concepts, direct from the mind and soul of Mercedes Eirín.”


Between the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, from the Fabergé company, sixty-nine exclusive jewelery pieces were created for the Russian tsars. It was not luxury but the most spectacular and ostentatious representation of excess in a unique work. Our piece awaits that exclusivity with the stamp and the coating of the contemporary and the urban.


A Sunday walk in the countryside, a cochineal insect, a purple being almost black that feeds on the sap of the plants … which when you try to grab it protects by closing in on itself. Voilà Armadillium.


A poster announcing one of the most famous films of director Pedro Almodóvar. It was designed like a comic and what stood out were surely red lips. The sensuality is red … and this eclectic sofa captures these curves… as sexy as its elegant.


The famous ‘Espinete’, a character from the Spanish muppet show of the 80s, an orange-haired hedgehog that has remained in the memory of many children and gives a creative ‘input’ to this chair and its rattan legs, thin but resistant.


Playing ‘princesses and knights’ with our daughters inside a mini castle painted with very strong colors: yellow, pink, green, blue, the colors of childhood. A knight in his metallic armor rescues his fiancée. Those colors and his chainmail inspire a rather unique new piece. And it sure will shine with its own light.


With this chair we have tried to capture the pure reflection of the seabed and it is also a tribute. The rainbow has ceased to be that optical phenomenon that occurs when the sun’s rays cross in the air with the drops of rain. Those colors were projected on a flag and now that emblem is elevated to the category of anthem. For all those friends who feel those seven colors. For them.


Berlin airport, delay in a flight. People in the departure lounge, in the middle of January and the characteristic cold of Germany. The heating did not work even though everything was full of metallic pipes supposedly in operation. The eye and the cold tube.


The big apple, the city that never sleeps. A thousand names to define New York: its buildings, its museums, the people, the lights … A dinner in Times Square and that city that never goes out: Neon lights.


An ancient fisherman’s net manipulated and turned into a table. The old fisherman’s meshes contain some crystal balls and this is what we wanted to capture in this table.


Vitamin C is essential for health and orange is a pure source of this vitamin. One summer in August a tangerine opens and is divided into eight parts. The funny thing that could be a person sitting comfortably on the slice of an orange. Here is the Orange chair.


The universal symbols that represent man and woman are mixed, the lines are transformed … The idea comes from the icons that appear on the screens of a world based on acronyms and small images where you can click.


The East is always a source of inspiration. A deep investigation about China, its architecture and the linear structure of its buildings. Shanghai. It had to be Shanghai.


If taking a shower after a hard day’s work is comforting, imagine pleasure over pleasure. Sunday, a delicious breakfast, the best possible company and a very, very long shower … THE SHOWER.


Piece based on an anatomical study that focuses on the biceps, and it is from there where the complete development of the rocking chair arises as the disposition of each muscle is located.


The sculpture bad “Donna” is based on The flowers, a paint from Frederick Carl Frieseke.


The idea and inspiration for the creation of this piece comes on a trip to China. While there we observed how the overpopulation that supports the country was shocking and makes the vital spaces are increasingly smaller, not only the houses but the rooms themselves inside it. Each time, people live in smaller spaces.