Creative director

Studio Universo Eirín
Studio Universo Eirín


Eirín works right in the heart of Seville, in Don Pedro Niño 17, from a new setting, refurbished and restored, that has over 250 square meters, and is divided into two areas.Its duality allows to enjoy both a workshop and a studio in the same room. Therefore, the creative process of the project/product can be designed and developed here, from beginning to end.


Eirín creates an idea, a concept, based on which she designs images, spaces and products. Mercedes Eirín specializes in designing hotels, houses and all kind of public spaces, as well as the design and fabrication of objects; as the director of the studio, she also collaborates with a variety of writers, film-makers, designers and plastic artists.The fusion of interior architecture and art leads to coherent design, allowing the conductive thread of a piece of work to make sense from its source.Working as a team is essential. We are a team of interior architects, engineers, graphic and interior designers that work together, coordinated by the creative director Mercedes Eirín.